We know the chill that comes over you when that Check-Engine light comes on. It’s like a shining dollar-sign beacon ready to burn a hole in your wallet.

Our guys can take that fear away. We have the diagnostic tools and the training to get your car repaired for a great price. The best part is our car-side manner. We make the diagnosis and we go the extra mile to inform you of the repair options and costs.

Once a repair is completed by us, it stays fixed. We guarantee it.


Brakes will tell you when it’s time to get service. You will hear them complain with squeals and other noises. We recommend you have your brakes inspected by us every 6 months or so in order to catch a problem while it’s still small. If there are repairs to be made, you can rest easy knowing we will get it done properly.

Express Care Automotive can replace domestic and foreign automatic and manual transmissions. That means we are well-trained and very capable of replacing any make and model of transmission.

Please bring your vehicle to us for an inspection. The same attention to detail that we place on every service we perform will be used in your transmission service. That’s a promise.


Where the rubber meets the road is just as important as any other repair service for your vehicle. Smoothing out your ride is something that should not be overlooked. Our technicians can look over the suspension and will make recommendations for any service work that could be needed. Call us today if you are experiencing a rough ride.


Stay cool in the summer months. Bring your vehicle to Express Care Automotive to make sure your AC is cold. We can recharge your AC and perform full repairs. One place to get things serviced right.

Another important repair is your electrical system. Your battery has to do a lot. It’s also much more than the battery; it’s your cars wiring as well. Our techs can check every wire, solenoid, and powered part to make sure your electrical works the way it should. Call us today for service.